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About Dr. Gardner

Dr. Tyshawn Gardner’s consulting services exist to develop pastors and congregational leaders to effectively reflect the love and ethics of Christ in the community where their church serves.  Dr. Gardner’s consulting services consist of two distinct services: (1) preacher development and teaching preaching and (3) church leadership development. 

Preacher and Sermon Development:

Dr. Gardner is a respected homiletician, author, and scholar of preaching.  Dr. Gardner is the author of Social Crisis Preaching: Biblical Preaching for Troubled Times, a preaching textbook written to help preachers leverage the power of the Written Word against the most serious social crises of our times. He teaches in the areas of expository preaching, narrative exposition, preaching from the Old Testament, social crisis and prophetic preaching, and delivery methods.  Dr. Gardner currently teaches preaching at Samford University and has taught preaching at Beeson Divinity School, Western Theological Seminary, and has lectured on preaching at seminaries and churches across the nation.  His passion is helping preachers deliver sermons under the power of the Holy Spirit, that are faithful to the Bible, and that are rich with imagery and relevant to the needs of the hearer. 

Church Leadership Development:

Dr. Gardner is a respected leadership coach, mentor, and sage.  Through consulting pastors and church leaders, Dr. Gardner focuses on four areas: (1) spiritual formation, (2) incarnational community, (3) community activism, and (4) succession planning and next generation leadership.  With over 20 years of pastoral experience Dr. Gardner has effectively mentored sons and daughters in ministry who have progressed to become senior pastors, non-profit leaders, College educators, and community leaders.  He is an active preacher, lecturer, and workshop/seminar presenter across the country. 

Dr. Tyshawn Gardner

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